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BIG IDeA is encouraging collaboration and celebrating innovation in many ways. Be a part of the next Inclusive Design Challenge.


Continuing Our Work During COVID-19

Inclusive Design Challenges

BIG IDeA hosts Inclusive Design Challenges events that help businesses to solve Accessibility Challenges and sequently to showcase innovative outcomes. Our goal is to help businesses understand the value of accessibility by offering resources and support for inclusive practices. Everyone is welcome, if you would like to contribute or learn more about inclusive design then sign up for a design challenge, or request to be notified of our upcoming Inclusive Design Challenge Events.  Learn more about Inclusive Design Challenges and Inclusive Design Challenge Events.

Assess Accessibility of services and facilitiesSet measurable goalsMike practical improvementsCelebrate achievements

These events bring together businesses, designers, customers with disabilities in order to unfold various real-world Accessibility Challenges and to draft inclusive solutions for them. We call these events Hackathons and we run few of them so far:

Inclusive Design Challenge with MakerFest 
Inclusive Design Challenge with IDRC
Inclusive Design Challenge: Race-to-the-Edge
Inclusive Design Challenge with TELUS
Inclusive Design Challenge Showcase: Access Density
Micro Inclusive Design Challenge – DEEP 2018
Micro Inclusive Design Challenge for Businesses and Organizations

Upcoming Inclusive Design Challenges

Click here to register for an upcoming Inclusive Design Challenge.

Design Innovation Showcases

We’re going to show you the innovative approaches to accessibility on the BIG IDeA web site and at showcase events.

Have you seen or implemented some great examples of inclusion and accessibility in Ontario? Nominate your example for our showcase.


Would you like to know more about or sign up for mapathons? Let us know at

Would you like to become active for improving accessibility in Ontario? Then become a BIG IDeA Member and help us to asses all the businesses you usually visit. We share the data with Accessibility Cloud. Let others know how accessible places are by completely the Quick Accessibility Assessments Form. 

Participating Business Profiles

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