Learn how to design your business for diversity and you will:

  • Expand your customer base
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve loyalty
  • Eliminate barriers between you and your client
  • Gain a competitive advantage and increase your market share

If you want to learn how to make your business more accessible you can use our free resources

Do you have an accessibility or inclusion challenge that you want to suggest we tackle at our next design challenge?

Get resources and training

We’re gathering and creating resources and training materials to help you learn about and become more inclusive. Visit the Resources section to learn more about:

  • How inclusion increases market share
  • Providing Inclusive Customer Experience
  • Communications that are Inclusive
  • Free Accessibility Training for You and Your Employees
  • Quick and Simple Inclusion Approaches

Get suggestions from customers

BIG IDeA has an accessible customer feedback system. Get listed now for free access to the system.

Get help with accessibility and inclusion challenges

Create a business listing on the Accessibility Map

Let potential customers know what you have in place to make their visit inclusive. Provide us with information about your business and we can get you listed. This will get your business on all of these great accessibility applications:

  • AXS Maps
  • Planat
  • AccessNow
  • J’accede
  • Wheelmap

Submit your business to our Inclusion Showcase

Have you made a small or big change that makes your business more inclusive or accessible for your customers? Tell us about it and we may showcase your business on our web site.