BIG IDeA brings together businesses, customers with lived experience of disability and the next generation of business leaders to collaboratively advance accessibility innovation in Ontario and create a culture of accessibility and inclusion.


Learn how to make your business part of an Inclusive Ontario.

  • Get resources and training
  • Register now to receive suggestions from customers
  • Get help with accessibility and inclusion challenges
  • Put your business on the Accessibility Map
  • Nominate your business for our Inclusion Showcase


Help businesses to improve your customer experience.

  • Nominate inclusive business practices
  • Give feedback to businesses on their level of inclusion
  • Submit an inclusion challenge for the design challenge event
  • Participate in our design challenges and mapathon

BIG IDeA in Action

See what happens when customers and businesses collaborate and innovate.

We’ll have more news here soon about these BIG IDeA features:

  • Accessible Business Profiles
  • Design Innovation Showcase
  • Mapathons
  • Design Challenges
  • Upcoming Events


Disability #inclusion isn’t just about hiring people with disabilities. It’s also about: increased profits, lower costs and improved productivity. Learn more at @HireAbilityNow

BIG NEWS tickets are sold out for our Advisory Accessibility Workshop on the 28th! We absolutely can't wait. #excited #inclusivity

If we insist that truth = large homogeneous numbers isolated from context (aka statistical significance) we will deny the truth of poverty, disability, isolation & discrimination, because big homogeneous numbers free of context are not found at the margins #BigData #inclusion

Here's @SimonTreviranus our BIG IDeA #ptbo coordinator is promoting National Accessibility Week the Accessibility Champion Award, and the Accessibility Ecosystem!

BIG IDeA Coordinator @SimonTreviranus spoke to the local Kawartha Shrine Club & @PtboRotary, to bring awareness for the upcoming National Accessibility Week (May 28 - June 3) and how Peterborough will be involved.



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