Employment Practices

Employment Practices

Resources from the Community of Accessible Employers

The library of free resources of the Community of Accessible Employers will give you the tools you need to move to the next stage in your journey.1 Human being out of 6 has some type of disability: That's one Billion people worldwide. Nearly 90% of U.S. consumers prefer companies that employ people with disabilities. 70% of people with disabilities have non-apparent disabilities. When accommodations are made for employees noticed an increase in overall morale in the workplace. After one year of employment, the retention rate of people with disabilities is 85%. In developed countries, most accommodations that are made for people with disabilities in the workplace cost absolutely nothing to make. In other cases, setting up a workstation for a person with disability cost less than $500. That's cheaper than an iPad!

Why Hiring Individuals with Disabilities is Good for Bussiness

The case for accessible employment practices for your business

This conference paper examines the business benefits of accessible employment practices and outlines strategies and resources to help businesses develop accessible and inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities.

Business owner makes money by hiring disabled workers

A 2014 CBC News broadcast that shows how a Tim Hortons franchisee has found that hiring disabled Canadians has boosted his bottom line.

These case studies show why you should make your business accessible

Range of case studies, PDF’s and videos how company benefit from employing people with disabilities.

This shows why and how businesses can hire people with disabilities

This guidance provides a summary of information for employers to help increase their understanding of disability and to enable them recruit and support disabled people and those with long term health conditions in work.

How your business can make employment practices accessible

This training module covers the requirements for making your employment practices accessible.

How policy affects inclusive and accessible employment practice

In this IRPP study, Michael Prince analyzes the employment situation and the policy context for working-age adults with mental or physical disabilities (PDF REPORT)

This shows employment standards for hiring people with disabilities

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) at Queen’s University as it pertains to employment standards.

How Tim Horton’s makes inclusive employment profitable

Mark Wafer is interviewed by Steve Palkin, Mr. Wafer understands and explains the business advantages that his more than 40 disabled employees bring to his bottom line.

Looking to diversify your workforce?

Career Edge, is a recruitment company that promotes diversification of talent and it has designated internship programs tailored to graduates with disabilities.

How dispelling stigma about disability can benefit your business

Produced By The Government of New Brunswick Canada (PDF)

Employees with disabilities can positively impact a business’s bottom line

A 2016 CBC News broadcast exhibits how Canadian businesses have found hiring disabled Canadians boosted their bottom line profits by retained a valued employee, increased the employee’s productivity and increased the employee’s attendance.

Employees with disabilities can have a positive impact on profitability

Makes the business case for employing People with Disabilities. They are more productive, work more safely, stay longer, require less supervision, more innovative, and the turnover rate is decreased. It states that a business is disadvantaged as a competitor if it neglects 15% of the Canadian population. Add in the friends and caregivers of PwD, and that increases to 53% of the population.

Why Hiring People with Disabilities Makes Good Business Sense

This source not only makes the business case, complete with PwD discretionary income, but it highlights the value of hiring PwD with statistics: retention rates, work ethic, attendance, and safety concerns are all positive. It also shows how an organization saves money by hiring PwD. This varies depending on which level for which an organization is hiring: executive, mid-level, entry-level college, etc. Hiring PwD can increase brand loyalty, boost staff morale, and help the organization become an employer of choice.