Goods and Services

Good and Services

How accessible digital media has helped people buy legal and financial products and services

WC3 applied to customer website led to improved traffic, usability, maintenance costs and more.

Case Study on How Inclusive Processes Inspire Innovation

In 2014 CBC news broadcast a series of case studies explaining how the disabled have become a driving force in technology and a giant inspiration for innovation, improving goods and services to a broader market audience.

Creating Inclusive Restaurants Through Sensory Experience Design

Rezvan Boostani is a graduate of Inclusive Design Master program at OCAD University. She makes a strong case for creating Inclusive Restaurants.

This company makes products specifically for people with disabilities

It delivers the best products and services to make education and the workplace accessible to students and employees.

The social and economic impact of AODA is affecting every Ontario business

Martin Prosperity Institute study, projecting the Economic Impacts of Improved Accessibility in Ontario (2010) commissioned by the Government of Ontario.

Return on disability

The website of Return on Disability is a complete resource for companies, government and investors to unlock the value in disability for the global economy, the following video from their website certainly makes a case how companies that enhance their customer experience by utilizing insights from the disability market outperform their peers in revenue growth.

IBM’s research in accessible technology can help your business reach new customers

IBM commitment to design accessible products and services.

These statistics show the size of the disability market and industry response

Outlines public and private sector reference and involvement to disability. It makes a case for why designing for accessibility matters, the business case, regulatory barriers and opportunities, and the best American and Canadian companies positioned in the disability space.

Make your business understand the shopping habits of the disabled consumer

A Neilsen study breaking down the different disability segments, what disabled consumers do and do not spend money on, how often and where they shop.

This collection of universally designed products is inspirational

A repository for products that have been designed with Universal Design principles in mind.