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Race to the EDGE

49 McCaul Street

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BIG IDeA and DEEP 2017 are looking for teams to help prepare the racecourse for our AI “Race to the Edge”.
Our society is about to hand over many decisions to machines and we need to make sure they understand and can serve human diversity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems currently have difficulty recognizing and understanding outlying and edge scenarios or people.

This is bad for people because we are relying on AI systems more and more because soon systems won’t be able to deal with the unexpected, transfer knowledge to new situations, address weak signals, predict changes or deal with our current diverse society. – Jutta Treviranus

This is even worse for people who are different from the models the machines use.
People who are unusual or different:

  • will be filtered out of competitive job applications
  • won’t be offered limited school placements
  • won’t get credit, loans or insurance
  • won’t be understood by voice recognition systems
  • won’t be recognized by identity systems
  • may be flagged as a threat
  • may be run over by automated vehicles
  • won’t be properly diagnosed by telehealth systems

“Machine learning and AI have the power to transform our lives and to empower every person and organization around the world. It’s crucial that as these technologies develop they are designed to include people with disabilities,”

Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft.

“With machine leaning and cognitive technology, we have the opportunity to provide personalized services to people with all abilities.”

Ruoyi Zhou, Ph.D., Director, Accessibility Research, IBM Research

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